About J-Eurus IR

About J-Eurus IR

J-Eurus IR was established in 2000 by pioneers in Japanese investor relations. Since then, the company has met the needs of Japanese companies by supporting their IR activities on a worldwide level as a global IR consulting firm.

A global IR consulting firm based in Japan

As markets become more international, there is a growing need for IR that is accepted in the global capital market. J-Eurus IR provides proposals for the world°«s latest IR activities that take into consideration the needs of Japanese companies while also being accepted globally.

We offer IR consulting from three bases in Tokyo, London and New York

J-Eurus IR is based in Japan, but we have full-time consultants operating in the U.K and the U.S. to promptly convey the opinions on the world°«s institutional investors to Japanese companies and to constantly introduce the latest IR models to Japanese companies. Our consultants who are well versed both in IR and the world°«s financial markets support the global IR activities of Japanese companies based on conditions in capital markets in Japan and overseas.

Proposal for borderless IR activities (unification of domestic IR and overseas IR)

There are no borders between investors. Many Japanese companies separate their IR activities in terms of domestic and foreign investors, but as the market becomes more international, there is an increasing need for IR that is accepted in all markets. J-Eurus IR proposes more efficient and effective borderless IR (unification of domestic IR and overseas IR) to guide Japanese companies to success inside and outside Japan.

Tailor-made IR suiting the individual needs of each company

J-Eurus IR does not provide mass-produced IR programs that are similar for numerous companies. Utilizing detailed analysis of the situation surrounding client companies, our unique wealth of data and expertise in Japan and overseas, we formulate and provide IR programs suited to the needs of individual companies by customizing them for client companies.


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